On a mission to help ambitious professionals and executives make fitness a lifestyle around their career
Increase Performance, Optimize Energy Levels While Getting Leaner & Stronger

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My name is OLIVER ANWAR and I am the founder of the WORKER coach.

Our Mission

On a mission to help professionals and executives make fitness a lifestyle around their career

Our Fitness Background

I am a qualified personal trainer, nutrition coach and consultant who has worked with countless busy workers both face-to-face and online to lose fat, build muscle and be more productive

Our Ethos

We believe that when we are on top of our health and fitness, we are on top of other aspects of our lives

We also believe that as busy people, we need the right tools and systems so we can implement fitness around our lifestyles

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He regularly holds talks and consults at businesses and co-working spaces to help educate
workers on how they can stay healthy around their busy job.
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