How To Manage Stress Better

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How To Manage Stress Better

Looming deadlines, relentless emails and endless social media comparisons signalling you to achieve more, work more and put more hours in.

So much so that the World Health Organisation has recently declared burnout an ‘occupational phenomenon’.

Scary I know.

Stress is one of the biggest reasons I get as a coach to why people have let their health and fitness go.

However, despite stress receiving a bad name it may not actually be the cause but how we react to it that creates these negative effects.

Stanford University’s Dr Kelly McGonigal states:

“Stress is evolution’s biological mechanism to help us engage with, and adapt to life. It can force you to clarify your values and priorities, and help you rise to a challenge. It is necessary for learning and growing, and it can often be a catalyst for strengthening and increasing social connections.”

That being said, below are 3 ways you can harness your different response to stress for a much more positive outcome.


When you notice feelings and physical symptoms of stress – stomach-churning, or heart beating faster – rather than telling yourself that this is a sign that you can’t handle things, remind yourself it’s because something matters to you and this is your body rising to the challenge. 


Knowing the different types of stress response is a useful tool to help you pick the right one for the job. Do you need to fight, freeze, face the challenge head-on or be brave and ask for help?

By bringing your attention to the stress response you want, your body and brain can help you meet life, as it is now, with the resources available to you.


Be grateful for the people around you who influence it in a positive way. Gratitude allows stress to bring out the desire to connect, to help others, and to look for those who might be able to help you.

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