Ep #11: RSD Maze

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Ep #11: RSD Maze - Finding Happiness & Fulfilment

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This week’s episode features Maze Enriquez aka. RSD Maze.

Maze is a self-development coach for the globally renown self-help company Real Social Dynamics after venturing into the pick-up game at the age of just 16.

In this episode we touch on:

  • How Maze started in the pick-up community and why he ventured into self-help at such a young age
  • The biggest mistakes guys make when trying to go out to meet girls
  • How guys can overcome the fear of socialising
  • The problems with matching our identity to our mistakes
  • Giving yourself permission to be happy
  • The myth of being happy when you get to your ‘destination’
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone and the importance of doing so
  • Showing gratitude and ‘the grind’ for fulfilment
  • How Maze stays in shape when travelling


Check out Maze’s work here:

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