Ep #14: Julian & Marin (Wear Dulo)

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Ep #14: Julian & Marin (Wear Dulo) - Finding A Niche

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Episode 14 of The Grow Podcast features co-founders of Wear Dulo; Julian and Marin.

Wear Dulo is an Amsterdam based startup that provide non-iron performance dress shirts to help busy people save time.

In this episode we touch on:

  • Why Julian and Marin set up Wear Dulo and the pain points they were trying to solve
  • Sourcing suppliers and materials for high quality shirts
  • Mass market selling vs niche marketing
  • Documenting a journey and the transparency in business
  • Creating vs consuming on social media
  • Utilising YouTube influencers to drive traffic and sales
  • The power of LinkedIn
  • Working full-time whilst building a ‘side hustle’
  • Managing time and delegating tasks as co-founders
  • The trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship 
  • How Julian and Marin stay fit

Julian and Marin’s work:

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