Ep#4: RSD Max

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EP #1: RSD Max - How To Get Girls

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Episode 4 features a very special and different guest, RSD Max, who is a full-time dating coach for the biggest self-help company in the world, Real Social Dynamics.

Max has coached thousands of men to become more confident and successful with women, has accrued over 250k subscribers on his YouTube channel and has built the biggest brand within RSD.

We delve deep into the topics of :

  • The biggest mistakes guys make with girls
  • The role of men vs women in society
  • The tests that girls give guys
  • The importance of meeting lots of different women and screening for a quality girlfriend
  • The role of fitness and mindset
  • Virtual/AI girlfriends
  • Some of Max’s craziest stories with females

Check out Max’s work here:

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