Ep #7: JMX

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Ep #7: JMX - Growing A YouTube Channel To 2.5 Million Subscribers

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Episode 7 of The Grow Podcast features Joel Morris aka. JMX. who is a FIFA YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers.

Joel is also a 20 year-old entrepreneur running multiple businesses such as FPS Protein and IYF Trading.

In this unique episode we cover

  • Starting a YouTube channel and the work it takes to make it a full-time thing
  • The truth on ‘clickbait’
  • Tips on people wanting to grow a channel in 2019
  • Entrepreneurship and Joel’s various businesses
  • Training and getting in shape for a competitive boxing fight
  • Joel’s battle with anorexia and overcoming it as a young person
  • How fitness can positively impact self-confidence/mindset


Check out Joel’s work and businesses here:

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