Ep #9: Josh Bridgman

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Ep #9: Josh Bridgman - Mental Health For Young Men

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Episode 9 features competitive bodybuilder, online coach and mental health advocate Josh Bridgman.

Josh is a full-time online fitness coach at JBF Brigade, a physique competitor in the UKBFF and recently took his first steroid cycle.

In this episode we cover:

  • Starting out in bodybuilding as a young guy
  • The temptation to venture into steroid use
  • How Josh is approaching his first steroid cycle
  • The importance of being transparent on social media
  • Growing an authentic following you engage with
  • YouTube vs podcasts for content creation
  • The effect of social media on the mental health of young guys
  • Josh’s experience with mental health issues
  • Why it’s important for young men to talk about their problems
  • The benefits of supplementing CBD.


Check out Josh’s work here:

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