Ep #17: Chris Chung

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Ep #17: Chris Chung - How To Set Up The Perfect FB Ad

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Episode 17 of the podcast features Facebook ad specialist, Chris Chung.

Chris is a leading Facebook ad specialist in Hong Kong, running his own digital marketing agency Locate 852.

Chris has helped 7-figure businesses and celebrities scale their online brands through online marketing and in this episode we touch on:

  • How to set up the basics of a Facebook ad
  • The 3 step process Chris uses for his clients’ ads
  • The role of funnels and sales pages when trying to convert clients
  • Custom audiences and how they can help attract your ideal customer
  • Facebook vs Instagram ads for fitness
  • Growing an Instagram page 
  • How to attract high paying brand deals
  • Tips for branding yourself online
  • Chris’s ‘bodybuilding period’ in Australia

Chris’s work:

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