Ep #24: Zaid Dahhaj

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Ep #24: Zaid Dahhaj - Psychedelics & Excellence

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Episode 24 features writer, philosopher and athlete; Zaid Dahhaj.

Zaid ventured into personal growth at a young age after playing a high level of football (soccer) in the US as a teen.

He both studies and embodies self-discipline and in this episode we discuss:

  • Playing elite football as a teen and how this fosters inner drive
  • The importance of wanting to learn and how curiosity can be the biggest catalyst of learning
  • Perspective and how new experiences create better decision making
  • Self-awareness and regulating how we think, our emotions and how we behave
  • The appreciation of beauty in our work and how we can embody excellence 
  • Psychedelics and Zaid’s experience with them
  • How to become a better writer

Zaid’s work:

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