Ep #25: Tomas Svitorka

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Ep #25: Tomas Svitorka - Building A Lifestyle For Success

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On today’s episode, we are joined by life coach and award winning entrepreneur; Tomas Svitorka.

Tomas is a life coach based in London who works with some of the most successful public figures and billionaires to help them continuously go from ordinary to extraordinary.

We discuss:

  • Tomas’s early career of being a trolly boy and why he didn’t want to settle
  • His motto ‘Ok Is Not Enough’ and why he thinks it is so important
  • The 3 key areas of building a lifestyle for success
  • The importance of you; your mindset, presence, happiness and fulfilment 
  • The effect your environment has; space, your network and relationships
  • How performance plays a role in your success; the goals you set, your systems and habits and work-life balance

Tomas’s work:

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