Ep #26: Dan Murray-Serter

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Ep #26: Dan Murray-Serter - How To Optimise Brain Health

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On today’s episode, we are joined by serial entrepreneur, Ted speaker and co-founder of Dawn; Dan Murray-Serter.

Dan was the winner of the young entrepreneur of the year and the host of Europe’s top entrepreneurship podcasts; Secret Leaders.

We delve into the topic of brain health and how what we eat, consume, drink and take has a profound effect on our brain.

  • Dan’s venture into Dawn and brain health
  • Why laughter is important for the brain
  • Neurology vs Psychology of the mind
  • The best foods to consume for a better brain and the ones that aren’t so good
  • Recreational drugs and alcohol and the effect on the brain
  • Creative and focus drugs like LSD and Modafinil and their effect on the brain

Dan’s work:

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