On a mission to help ambitious professionals make fitness a lifestyle around their career

Our Mission

My name is Oliver Anwar and I am The Founder of The Worker Coach.

On a mission to help ambitious professionals make fitness a lifestyle around their career

We believe that when we are on top of our health and fitness, we are on top of other aspects of our lives.

We also believe that as busy people, we need the right tools and systems so we can implement fitness around our lifestyles.

The Worker

growth mindset

The Worker believes that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work – brains and talent are just the starting point. Their love of learning creates a  resilience that is essential for great success.

process orientated

The Worker understands that the key to reaching their peak state is by paving the right path to get there. They do this by creating the correct systems, habits and mindset to get to their destination quicker and more effectively.

positive sum

The Worker wants the best for the people and the world around them. They recognise that by working on themselves, they manifest behaviours, emotions and energy that impact the lives of those around them positively.

The Problem We Are Trying To Solve

Obesity rates are on the rise, male suicide rates are at an all time high and mental health issues are sky rocketing.

Many of us are bombarded by looming deadlines, relentless emails and endless social media comparisons signalling us to achieve more, work more and put more hours in.

This environment can cause us to neglect the most important parts of ourselves in the pursuit of success – such as our health, body and mind-state.

Whilst many of these external stressors are out of our control, we believe that certain aspects can be managed and are within our control.

By being fitter, healthier and more aware of our behaviours we are able to build systems, habits and protocols to help reduce obesity rates, suicide rates and mental health issues to live happier lives.

Whilst being healthy and fit isn’t the answer to all of our problems, we believe it will set us on the path to finding the solutions.

Being healthy and fit isn't the answer to all of our problems, but it will set us on the path to finding the solutions.

How We Are Going To Solve It


We believe a large part of the struggle is lack of knowledge.

Our business is built upon helping people understand the fundamentals of nutrition, training and stress management.

We do this by holding seminars, talks and workshops to educate businesses and their employees on these important lifestyle factors.


Our implementation strategies start by standing in the shoes of The Worker and executing a plan off of their needs.

We understand fitness may be only a small portion of peoples’ lives so we have built programs and systems to cater for that.

Implementation works to maximise the time the worker spends doing fitness so they can ultimately still have room to do the things they want and live life to the fullest.


Accountability is the number one factor in sustaining any worthwhile goal long-term.

We believe in tracking the key components to our health and fitness so we can stay self-aware to our habits and where they are directing us.

All of our programs provide easy to use apps and systems to track progress so we can all get the results we deserve.

What We Stand For

We stand for those who push themselves to excel so they can get what they want from life.

The type of person who conventionally works long hours and has high levels of stress but sometimes neglects the most important parts of themselves in the pursuit of success – such as their health, body and mind-state.

The term ‘Worker’ stands for anyone who is willing to actively ‘work’ on aspects of their life to become the best version of themselves.

Whether that be in their career, relationships, business or social life, workers are those who adopt a growth mindset and recognise they can achieve the things they want with the correct systems, habits and mindset.

The Worker recognises that the foundation to improving their life is through mastering their body and taking care of their health.

When we are on top of our fitness, we are on top of other parts of our lives.

By training in the gym, staying on top of our nutrition and working to master our stress, productivity and happiness, we are not only more confident but we are better people to be around.

We add more value in our work, at home and are better with our colleagues and in our relationships.

The ‘Worker’ in short; is a positive-sum person to be around.

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