Consulting Services


Our high energy, enjoyable and inspiring seminars allow us to educate your workforce on health, nutrition and wellness in a fun and interactive setting.


Our practical, lively and engaging workshops provide outstanding learning experiences along with actionable takeaways for your staff to implement straight away.


Our tailored, bespoke and results orientated training services work to solve the biggest health, wellness & performance problems in your organisation.

Our objective is to effectively deliver a consulting service that is bespoke to your staff and makes a real practical difference.

Incredible topics that we deliver to staff in companies and organisations

What is the 'best' diet?

Providing education on nutrition, busting myths on food and lots of amazing practical takeaway tips!

Myth busting fitness

De-bunking the most common training and nutrition myths so your employees are given the tools to make the right decisions going forward.

Peak performance in the workplace

How nutrition and exercise can unleash the power to perform better in the workplace.

How to stay fit as a busy worker

New learning and actionable take home tips to help maintain a healthy, fit and happy body whilst working a busy job.

Stress management coaching

The successful practices, healthy habits and relaxation techniques that can help with unwinding when things get stressful.

Lifestyle guidance advice

Strategies and tactics to help balance fitness around alcohol, social events & work commitments.

reduceD absenteeism

Staff who are educated on the benefits and strategies they can use to stay healthy and fit are less likely to call in sick.

increaseD productivity

Enhanced cognitive performance through health and fitness can maximise the productivity of your workforce.

IncreaseD Energy Levels

Fitter and healthier employees are likely to have greater energy levels throughout the day.

Higher Staff Morale

Employees are obviously healthier but more importantly they are happier and this can increase team work and cohesion.

Higher Employee retention

When you offer your employees a way to improve their health, they feel valued and this can help reduce staff turnover rates.

Lower health costs

A healthier workforce leads to reduced financial costs associated with poor health for your business.

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