Save Time, Get Leaner & Stronger In 90 Days

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What will you achieve in 90 days?

SAVE TIME - Get Fit In Just 4 Hours Per Week

We understand that time is your biggest currency as a high performer.
With our proven system, we will show you how to get fitter, leaner, and stronger with no more than 4 hours per week time investment.

GET LEANER - Lose Unwanted Belly Fat

Having extra belly fat can negatively impact your confidence, energy levels, and productivity.
We guarantee that after 90 days, you will lose the unwanted belly fat from your stomach and that leaner individuals will achieve a 6 pack.

GET STRONGER - Add 10-15 LBs To Your Compound Lifts

Lifting weights will improve your posture, reduce the chances of you getting sick and help optimise your testosterone levels.
Within a 3 month period, we will ensure that you can add 10-15 LBs to your squat, bench, and deadlift so you will be physically stronger and obtain the above benefits.

What VIP Clients Have Achieved

I spent 3 months on the VIP Worker Program before my holiday. It not only helped me diet down to a single-digit body fat percentage but it taught me the fundamentals of building a sustainable training and nutrition plan around my career.



I’ve been on the VIP Worker Program for over a year and Oliver has helped me completely transform my physique – I’ve achieved amazing results through his nutritional knowledge, training advice, and practical strategies to fit fitness around my busy role as a Founder!



After lots of attempts at weight loss I signed up to the VIP Worker Program and I was surprised to see how everything was so tailored to my lifestyle. From somebody who has tried most diets and fads going, this program is a keeper! I’d highly recommend it.



Oliver has been such a motivational and supportive coach. If anyone is looking for someone to help them gain muscle or lose fat then I would 110% recommend signing up to his VIP Worker Program. I lost a total of 40LBs and he has helped me change my life.



I lost over 6kgs in 6 weeks when working with Oliver on his VIP Worker Program. I feel much more confident in my own body, can focus at work more and understand how to implement nutrition around my busy job. I ended up closing 3 big deals on my final week of being on the program!



I lost a total of 4kg of body fat and increased my strength in the gym on all of my main lifts.

I’ve built bigger shoulders, chest, and a wider back and now have a sound understanding of how to train and eat around my career.

It’s completely transformed my confidence. Thank you Oliver!